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Exclusively for Local Custom Installation - This product is tailored for a bespoke experience and is not available for direct purchase. Please note, it's offered exclusively for custom installation within our local service area

The RM 720 Rack System For The CI-720: Unleashing CI 720's Full Potential

Designed to accommodate one of NAD's most essential CI (Custom Installation) products, the RM 720 Rack System is a crucial component for any custom home audio setup. Specifically crafted to house the CI 720, this rack system is a game-changer.

Key Features:

Capacity: The RM 720 Rack System has the capacity to securely hold up to six CI 720s simultaneously, all without requiring any modifications or additional equipment.
With the RM 720 Rack System as part of your setup, you gain the ability to fully harness the potential of the CI 720 and unlock the best performance for your custom home audio system.


RM 720 Rack System For The CI-720 NAD

  • NAD RM 720 Rack Mount Accessory: Maximizing CI 720's Potential

    For those seeking a professional custom rack solution, the NAD RM 720 Rack Mount Accessory is the answer. This accessory is designed to seamlessly integrate the CI 720 into a rack system, optimizing its performance and convenience.

    With the NAD RM 720 Rack Mount Accessory, you can elevate your CI 720 experience, ensuring a professional and organized setup for your custom audio system.

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