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TV Mounting Smart Home Home Theater Installers


Smarter Home Solutions began it's journey over 30 years ago mounting TV's and audio systems in sports bars and restaurants. Our owner, Art Dirla owned a bar on Long Island with a passion for music and giving his clients the best audio | video experience possible. It was never just about the sound volume or size of the screen but the quality as well. He knew the establishments success was based on client experience and helping them escape in an immersive landscape was key. As a musician Art understood the effect good vibrations had on guests and soon found himself designing systems for friends and other local venues. His love for sound and vision blossomed into a full time home technology career working with one of the top integrators in Suffolk County. With the innovations in technology and as an entrepreneur at heart, Art wanted to provide more practical, more affordable solutions for his respected clients. He has also aligned himself with industry icons like Theo Kalomirakis (the father of home theater) and Steve Haas to assure he is offering the best in class for home theaters  and home audio


Smart Home Solutions has only one thing in mind - your expectations, and we always attempt to exceed them. Here's how:


Keep it simple! Many integrators over-design systems and rooms which leads to overwhelmed clients and underperforming solutions. We have completed projects in the largest Long Island homes with the most complex systems but found it was genuinely not conducive to the clients needs. We listen to our clients as individuals and propose smarter home solutions that work consistently.


You do not need to invest a fortune to have a functioning smart home. With todays innovations in technology there are plenty of well known brands that provide smarter home solutions and integrate seamlessly together. Sonos, Ring, Nest and Lutron are all extremely reliable solutions that can also expand over time. This eliminates having to spend a lot on a single system you may not appreciate.


Practical designs and affordable products does not mean you are losing quality, in fact it is quite the opposite. The brands we stock and deploy are at the top of the home technology industry and stand behind their products. Working with industry icons also helps us provide the most amazingly detailed solutions because of their input and experience in their individual fields.

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