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Experience the M17-V2i Masters Series Surround Sound Preamp Processor by NAD, the ultimate surround sound. Infinite possibilities await, thanks to Modular Design Construction (MDC) preventing obsolescence. Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X, DTS-HD™ Master Audio, and Dirac Live® Room Correction create hyper-realistic sound. Enjoy bit-perfect 4K UHD video processing for an unmatched audiovisual experience. The M17 V2i leads in flexibility and cutting-edge digital technology.

M17-V2i Masters Series Surround Sound Preamp Processor NAD

  • M17 V2i Masters Surround Processor By NAD: Enjoy the ultimate in surround sound with the M17 V2i, offering full HDMI video switching and 11.1 balanced outputs. It supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS: X, DTS-HD Masters Audio decoding, and Dolby Atmos for an exceptional audio experience. The M17 V2i automatically detects the surround mode of the source material, utilizing advanced decoding for optimal performance. High-resolution D/A converters ensure precise conversion of digital bitstreams.

    Flexible Setup: The M17 V2i comes with the latest HDMI features, including HDCP 2.2 and High Dynamic Range video support. Digital inputs and outputs are available in both coaxial and optical formats for easy connection of all digital sources. With BluOS®, adding more speakers for multi-room music is effortless. The unit also supports IR repeaters, 12V triggers, and an RS-232 data port for seamless integration into advanced control systems.

    Master Quality Authenticated: Built-in Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology captures and delivers MQA music in purest quality. The BluOS app indicates when the M17 V2i is playing an MQA stream, ensuring you hear the artist's studio-approved sound.

    Sophisticated Digital Room Correction: The M17 V2i features Dirac Live® with powerful room correction software, allowing advanced users to create the perfect listening environment by correcting timing and colorations in sound. It includes a calibrated measurement microphone and Dirac Live Pro, as well as the option to choose from third-party calibrated microphones.

    The BluOS Advantage: BluOS®, the advanced operating system and music management software shared with Bluesound, is included in the M17 V2i. Connect to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to access thousands of Internet radio stations and high-quality music services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, and more. With MQA technology and high-definition video performance, the M17 V2i offers unparalleled audio and visual performance.

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