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Introducing the D 3020 V2 Hybrid Digital DAC Integrated Amplifier By NAD – a modern masterpiece rooted in classic heritage.

Legendary Legacy The NAD 3020 revolutionized high-fidelity sound in the 1970s, captivating over a million music enthusiasts. Its warm, detailed sound trumped amplifiers costing significantly more. Today, while sources have evolved to computers and smartphones, the allure of tailored sound through personalized speakers remains a compelling reason to upgrade to an NAD amplifier.

Timeless Evolution This amplifier reimagines the original 3020 for the 21st century, leveraging cutting-edge digital technology. Preserving the essence of the original, we've adorned it with modern refinement. Now, with the V2, we've enhanced its allure with a Phono input, inviting vinyl enthusiasts to experience its prowess.

Heritage Meets Modernity The D 3020 V2 retains the soul of its predecessor, embracing modern advancements. It caters to today's sources, delivering a harmonious blend of classic charm and contemporary capabilities. A true emblem of innovation, it bridges the gap between eras, crafting an immersive musical journey for audiophiles and music lovers alike.

D 3020 V2 Hybrid Digital DAC Integrated Amplifier NAD

  • Revolutionizing an Icon
    The D 3020 V2 ingeniously modernizes a revered classic by embracing cutting-edge digital technology for the contemporary world of music. Designed by the original 3020's creator, NAD's Director of Advanced Technology, Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, this masterpiece bridges the digital age with the audio legacy. Equipped with an exceptional 24/192 DAC, offering 8 channels mixed to 2 for heightened resolution, it embodies the same innovative value that earned its predecessor its legendary status.

    Connected Excellence
    Versatility abounds in the D 3020 V2, catering to both digital and analog sources. Its coaxial and optical inputs accommodate various digital devices, from CD and DVD players to media streamers. Analog options include a sophisticated MM Phono input, complete with RIAA equalization, Infrasonic Warp Filter, and impeccable overload margins. In the V2 version, a PreOut has been added for enhanced output connectivity.

    Power Perfected
    Don't let its 30W per channel power output deceive you; NAD's expertise transforms this seemingly modest power into an extraordinary sonic experience. Its compact size belies its ability to drive demanding speakers to impressive levels, all while maintaining minimal noise and distortion.

    Real World Brilliance
    NAD shatters conventional amplifier norms by prioritizing real-world performance over laboratory benchmarks. This amplifier lives up to this principle through NAD PowerDrive™, a groundbreaking technology by Edvardsen that combines low impedance drive and high dynamic power for unmatched sound quality. Soft clipping and innovative Bass EQ further elevate its performance without compromising speaker integrity.

    Seamless Bluetooth Streaming
    Embrace wireless convenience with the D 3020 V2's Bluetooth® capability. Effortlessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The addition of aptX® Bluetooth, renowned for its exceptional sound quality and efficiency, enhances the listening experience further.

    Eco-Friendly Elegance
    The D 3020 V2 prioritizes efficiency, consuming only 20% of the power traditional amplifiers require. Its standby power consumption is an astonishing <0.5W. NAD's commitment to innovation extends to sustainability, aiming to enhance musical enjoyment while conserving energy and minimizing environmental impact.


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