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CI 580 V2 BluOS Network Music Player By NAD Will Unlock the Full Potential of BluOS®.

The CI 580 V2 Network Music Player is a game-changer, harnessing the full power of BluOS® for an unparalleled audio experience. This device seamlessly integrates four stereo BluOS zones into a compact 1U rack space, offering unmatched flexibility and value.

CI 580 V2 BluOS Network Music Player NAD

  • NAD CI 580 V2 Rack Mount Network Audio Streamer

    Designed for use in a centralized audio system, the CI 580 V2 can be the backbone of your whole home music platform. With only one power supply and one Ethernet port for 4 zones you can simplify the rack wiring and power requirements.

    Each CI 580 V2 has the option of analogue or digital outputs for each zone as well as single analogue and digital inputs which can be shared across the 4 zones, connectivity can be expanded via sister brand’s Bluesound HUB.

    Using the CI 580 V2 as a source gives you the flexibility to either manage all of the additional audio inputs and groupings through the BluOS Controller app and pair with an amplifier, giving the freedom to choose the amplifier power and quality that’s best suited for the project.

    Contact closures are included for a doorbell as well as IR input and 12V triggers.

    Using the BluOS Controller app, you can stream from over 20 popular music services with playback of music at up to 24/192, all in one place, or you can cast directly from a mobile device via Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect or Tidal Connect.

    Smart Home Professionals can also integrate the CI 580 V2, or any other BluOS enabled devices with any of the major control systems, so access and playback to music can be done in multiple ways.

    Stack multiple CI 580 V2s (up to 64 zones) in the rack and match with NAD rack mount amplifiers to create a multi-room, multi-source audio system which combines ‘fit and forget’ reliability with breathtaking quality and value. Mix these rack mountable players with other BluOS enabled devices, such as Bluesound speakers, NAD stereo integrated amplifiers or AV Receivers as needed to create an audio system that’s perfectly tailored to each project and maximizes the value and performance in every room.

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