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C298 Masters Stereo Power Amplifier By NAD:

Introducing the NAD C298 Masters Stereo Power Amplifier – a true masterpiece in the realm of audio. Elevate your auditory senses to new heights with this exceptional device. Designed to redefine your sound experience, it delivers an unrivaled combination of power, precision, and innovation. Immerse yourself in the world of premium audio engineering as you harness the advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship that define the C298. Unleash the full potential of your sound system and embark on a journey of sonic excellence like never before.

C298 Masters Stereo Power Amplifier NAD

  • Empowering Performance with Eigentakt™ Technology

    Unleash the potential of your audio setup with the C 298. This power amplifier goes beyond its fundamental role, offering an array of thoughtful features. Tailored for diverse applications, from studio setups to high-end preamps, the C 298 boasts selectable balanced inputs with a trim control to seamlessly integrate with other components. A line out facilitates expansion for additional speakers or subwoofers, while the auto-sense feature with adjustable threshold automates intricate systems. The inclusion of a Ground Lug aids in eliminating ground loops and noise within complex setups. Furthermore, the Bridge Switch transforms it into a potent Monobloc Amplifier. Start with one and expand later with a second C 298 to match upgraded speakers.

    Foundation of Excellence

    NAD prioritizes core elements often overlooked by other seemingly advanced products. The essentials of low noise circuits, precise channel balance, suitable input/output impedance, ample overload margins, and stability with challenging speaker loads are meticulously addressed. Our line inputs—Balanced and Single-ended—feature optimal impedance traits and ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers, preserving audio integrity by preventing source device loading-induced degradation. These subtle nuances make a perceptible difference in audio quality.

    Innovative Power Design

    NAD departs from energy-inefficient linear power supplies and Class AB output stages that squander energy as heat. Instead, our amplifiers embrace superior circuitry built on switch mode power supplies and Class D output stages. Formerly deemed inferior, NAD's advancements in this realm have birthed amplifiers that excel across design principles. These designs maintain linearity across a wide frequency range, ensuring consistent performance across all speaker loads—a substantial improvement over previous models.

    A Robust Powerhouse

    The power supply, generously proportioned, offers 185 watts continuous and a staggering 570 watts for transient musical moments. The Asymmetrical Power-Drive maximizes available power, delivering dynamic reserves to accurately reproduce musical transients sans distortion or compression. Adaptable to AC mains voltage ranging from 100v to 240v, the supply delivers pristine DC power across the C 298's stages. This efficient supply maintains voltage regulation in diverse conditions, forming a noise-free foundation for amplification stages.

    Pioneering Purifi 'Eigentakt' Amplifier Technology

    Purifi, a Danish tech pioneer, assembles industry-leading engineers to conquer audio amplifier limitations through advanced mathematical modeling. This fresh perspective unveils subtle nonlinearities that significantly impact overall sound. This methodical approach simplifies intricate challenges and yields a strikingly uncomplicated solution. With unparalleled features and technology, the C 298 amplifier seamlessly elevates any system and harmonizes remarkably with even the most advanced loudspeakers available.

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