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The C 588 Turntable By NAD: A Musical Marvel

NAD, renowned for its innovative, high-performance yet affordable turntables, delves into the intricacies of the C 588. Unraveling the science and art behind extracting every ounce of musical magic from vinyl records, NAD provides insight into the thought process behind this exceptional turntable.

C 588 Turntable NAD

  • Crafting the Perfect Vinyl Experience with the C 588 Turntable

    NAD, a revered name in the world of high-performance yet affordable turntables, breaks down the intricate science and art behind their C 588 model. From controlling pitch to reducing vibrations, every detail plays a crucial role in delivering a pure vinyl listening experience.

    • Electronic Speed Control: Wow and Flutter, those subtle pitch variations, can make or break the listening experience. It combats this with a precise synchronous clock motor, isolated AC mains, and a specially formulated belt drive.

    • Tonearm and Cartridge: A custom-designed carbon fiber tonearm and an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge provide accurate tracking and nuanced sound. The longer 9” tonearm optimizes overhang, and adjustments for azimuth and vertical tracking angle ensure perfect stylus alignment.

    • Closing the Triangle: Mechanical coupling of the platter, tonearm, and cartridge is crucial for micro-dynamics. NAD's precision machining ensures a tight connection, preventing energy loss.

    • Resonance Control and Isolation: It minimizes spurious vibrations by carefully balancing materials and dimensions. It includes a massive MDF base, vibration-damping feet, a non-resonant dust cover, and a glass platter.

    • A Recipe for Success: NAD's 45 years of audio expertise shine in the C 588. By harmonizing high-quality components with precise engineering, they've created a turntable that revitalizes your vinyl collection, all while preserving its future.

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