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C 368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier By NAD sets a new standard for home audio systems, ensuring that your setup remains cutting-edge. Powered by our innovative MDC technology, the C 368 is fully customizable and future-proofed, ready to embrace forthcoming features and upgrades. By adding the optional BluOS® module, it can seamlessly connect to your network, offering control via smartphones, tablets, or desktops. This module also enables wireless connectivity with other BluOS Enabled devices, allowing you to create a multi-room High Resolution Audio system that immerses your home in stunning sound quality.

Furthermore, instant Bluetooth connectivity lets you effortlessly link your Bluetooth Enabled device to the C 368, enabling wireless audio streaming. And for vinyl enthusiasts, you can easily integrate a turntable to enhance your listening experience. Navigating through your music collection has never been this convenient.

Representing a modern evolution in amplification, the C 368 is a powerhouse amp that caters to the needs of every music lover's audio system, combining versatility, innovation, and exceptional performance.

C 368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier NAD

  • Introducing the NAD C 368 amplifier – a pinnacle of audio perfection.

    Precision Craftsmanship NAD's commitment to excellence shines in every detail of the C 368. From low noise circuits to precise volume control, accurate channel balance, and proper impedance characteristics, we ensure uncompromised performance. The amp features an MM Phono stage with meticulous RIAA equalization, ultra-low noise, and innovative infrasonic noise suppression. Versatile line inputs maintain sonic integrity, and a dedicated headphone amplifier offers high performance for studio monitor headphones.

    Future-Ready Design Equipped with Modular Design Construction (MDC), the C 368 is primed for customization. Its MDC slots allow for upgrades like HDMI switching, additional inputs, and the advanced Hi-Res Audio multi-room BluOS system. Managed through smartphones, tablets, or desktops, BluOS connects to top-tier streaming services.

    Instant Connectivity Bluetooth® aptX® provides seamless wireless music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices. An optional BluOS Module unlocks Hi-Res Audio streaming and transforms it into a single-zone streamer, compatible with multi-room setups and wireless speakers.

    Sophisticated Power NAD's innovative designs have moved beyond traditional power supplies and output stages. The C 368's advanced circuits offer linear performance across a wide range and consistent output into various speaker loads. Its adaptable power supply ensures clean energy delivery for amplified stages.

    Tailored Performance this amplifier employs a custom Hypex UcD output stage, optimized for high power output with minimal distortion. This meticulously crafted design extracts the utmost performance from every sound element.

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