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The C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier By NAD seamlessly merges 50 years of NAD's pioneering legacy with the future of high-fidelity audio. Evoking nostalgia with dual VU meters, push-button input selectors, a walnut-finished vinyl-clad cabinet, and vintage cursive branding, the C 3050 pays homage to the components that introduced a generation to exceptional sound. However, this amplifier is far from merely nostalgic; equipped with a 100-watt-per-channel HybridDigital UcD amplifier and a Texas Instruments high-resolution differential DAC, the C 3050 produces audio that will captivate today's discerning audiophiles. Moreover, NAD's MDC2 future-proofing technology empowers it's owners to incorporate cutting-edge capabilities, such as BluOS high-resolution multi-room streaming and Dirac Live room correction, ensuring a lasting and impressive listening experience.

C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier NAD

  • Vintage Elegance, Modern Excellence: NAD C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier

    The NAD C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier effortlessly blends classic aesthetics with modern sonic prowess, marrying NAD's rich 50-year heritage with cutting-edge audio advancements. Drawing inspiration from the NAD 3030 Stereophonic Amplifier of the 1970s, this amplifier boasts nostalgic elements like dual illuminated VU meters, push-button controls, a walnut-finished vinyl-clad cabinet, and the iconic 1970s cursive logo.

    Elevated Sound Performance
    Powered by NAD's renowned HybridDigital UcD amplifier technology, it delivers an impressive 100 watts per channel continuous and 135wpc instantaneous power output. This ensures dynamic musical transients with virtually undetectable noise and distortion across the entire frequency spectrum. The result is an immersive, detailed, and dynamic audio experience that transcends loudspeaker load challenges, even at high volumes.

    Unparalleled Digital Precision
    The C 3050's digital section features the Texas Instruments PCM5242 high-resolution differential DAC, celebrated for its exceptional dynamic performance and immunity to clock jitter. This enables it to produce breathtaking musicality, remarkable clarity, and precise soundstage representation from all digital sources.

    Futuristic Adaptability
    Embracing NAD's Modular Design Construction (MDC2) future-proofing technology, the C 3050 effortlessly accommodates new functions and features via add-on modules inserted into the MDC2 slot. MDC2 enables seamless two-way communication between expansion modules and the host component. With the optional MDC2 BluOS-D module, users can access coveted capabilities like BluOS high-resolution music streaming and Dirac Live room correction.

    Streaming Freedom
    Equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet, the MDC2 BluOS-D effortlessly connects listeners to a vast musical realm through the award-winning BluOS wireless music-management system. The intuitive BluOS Controller app offers access to over 20 prominent streaming services, including those offering lossless and high-resolution audio. High-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192kHz, along with MQA decoding, enhances the experience. The MDC2 BluOS-D also supports Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, and Apple AirPlay 2 for versatile music streaming options.

    Empowering Your Space
    The MDC2 BluOS-D goes beyond audio playback, transforming your listening environment with Dirac Live room correction. By connecting the supplied microphone and following simple instructions in the Dirac Live app, users can experience remarkable improvements in bass definition, tonal accuracy, and imaging. Bidirectional aptX HD Bluetooth, an HDMI eARC port, a range of analogue and digital inputs, and speaker A/B switching offer a diverse array of connectivity options. This amp also accommodates headphones, wireless streaming, and home theatre setups. Installer-friendly features like 12V trigger and IR input round out this comprehensive amplifier's offerings.

    Timeless Legacy
    The NAD C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier artfully balances vintage allure with contemporary innovation, a true testament to NAD's legacy of amplifier excellence. With its captivating design and forward-thinking technology, it is a visual and auditory masterpiece. And with the MDC2 port, it stands ready to embrace evolving audio enhancements and experiences, ensuring its place at the forefront of the hi-fi world.

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