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Exclusively for Local Custom Installation - This product is tailored for a bespoke experience and is not available for direct purchase. Please note, it's offered exclusively for custom installation within our local service area

Elevating Simplicity: CI 980 8 Channel Amplifier By NAD

Simplicity often holds the key. Introducing the NAD CI 980 – a power amplifier that embodies simplicity, delivering remarkable sound quality and unwavering reliability. As our top-selling rack mount amplifier, it has stood the test of real-world scenarios. Its prowess lies in its ability to deliver an expansive sonic journey, leaving a lasting impression even on the most discerning listeners. NAD's CI 980 will revolutionize your perception of high-performance distributed audio systems, setting new standards for excellence.

CI 980 8 Channel Amplifier NAD


  • NAD CI 980 Multi-Channel Amplifier: Seamless Reliability

    Relax and experience convenience with the NAD CI 980 – a multi-channel amplifier designed for supreme simplicity, steadfast reliability, and unmatched value. Born from the pursuit of system stability and effortless setup, it exemplifies NAD's stature as a top-tier amplifier brand, consistently recognized for its performance and affordability. Enjoy an inviting, expansive, and profoundly musical sound that resonates with real-world speaker loads. Embrace the CI 980's ability to accentuate the best qualities of any speaker, delivering an extraordinary listening journey. Remarkably quiet with negligible residual noise during no-signal periods, it's particularly suited for efficient speakers in confined spaces.

    Transparent Power Unveiled

    Engineered with NAD's signature Full Disclosure Power (FDP) philosophy, the CI 980 mirrors the sonic excellence of our revered Classic Series amplifiers. It confidently yields a conservative 50 watts per channel at 8 ohms across all channels simultaneously, ensuring ample power for multi-room configurations. The CI 980's bridging capability elevates power to 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and it maintains stability with 4 ohm speaker loads.

    NAD's Amplification Excellence

    The CI 980 boasts 8 channels of pristine, low-distortion power, configured for 4 stereo zones. Delivering 50 watts per channel, it effortlessly drives speakers with low impedance and accommodates extended wire runs. Incorporating advanced high-efficiency switching amplifier technology, it emerges as a new design that's compact, lightweight, and remarkably energy-efficient, all while preserving NAD's hallmark musicality.

    Efficiency and Reliability in Rack Space

    Universal voltage makes the CI 980 suitable for diverse installations, including marine and avionics settings. The amplifier is safeguarded against short-circuits and overheating, with automatic restoration after rectifying the issue. Zone indicator lamps denote protection status and amplifier clipping. Operating at <0.5W standby consumption, and offering highly efficient power delivery, It impresses with its energy efficiency. Standing at a 2U rack height with included rack ears, it maximizes rack space utilization. Moreover, its efficient cooling mechanism guarantees extended trouble-free operation. Phoenix speaker connection blocks simplify installation, and the choice between local or global input further streamlines wiring.

    Seamless Integration, Simply Refined

    The CI 980 presents a choice between DC trigger or signal-sensing auto on with auto shut-off. Its sophisticated music sensing circuit ensures false triggers are minimized. Installation is tidy and efficient, facilitated by inputs and triggers equipped with daisy chain outputs.

    System Synergy

    Pair the CI 980 with the CI 580 V2 4-zone BluOS rack mount streamer or the Bluesound NODE for an exceptional hi-res multi-room package. Alternatively, match it with the T 758 V3i or T 778, utilizing their additional pre-outs for supplemental effect channels or a second zone. The CI 980's power and performance align perfectly with these setups, offering a harmonious fusion of power and precision.

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