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Exclusively for Local Custom Installation - This product is tailored for a bespoke experience and is not available for direct purchase. Please note, it's offered exclusively for custom installation within our local service area

CI 8-150-DSP Multi-Channel Amplifier By NAD: Amplifying Excellence

Unveil our flagship CI amplifier, the CI8-150. A pinnacle of power and sophistication, this distribution amplifier wields an impressive 150 watts per channel of audiophile-grade amplification. It effortlessly propels any audio demand without faltering, effortlessly exemplifying class-leading performance. NAD's CI amplifiers transcend boundaries, reshaping your perception of distributed audio systems.

CI 8-150-DSP Multi-Channel Amplifier NAD

  • NAD CI 8-150 DSP: Redefining CI Amplification

    The NAD CI 8-150 DSP redefines the possibilities of CI amplification, challenging the notion that high-performance amplifiers can't meet the demands of CI applications. Debunking the assumption that distribution amplifiers prioritize durability over sonic excellence, it merges both worlds seamlessly. It's a testament to NAD's commitment to providing uncompromised performance and durability.

    Amplified Authority

    Delivering Masters Series performance within rack space, the CI 8-150 DSP boasts NAD's Full Disclosure Power (FDP) prowess. It confidently channels a conservative 150 watts per channel at 8 ohms across all channels simultaneously, with bridging capabilities extending to 280 watts per channel. Bridged IHF Dynamic Power amplifies to 4 x 670 watts per channel at 4 ohms. It still remains unflinching in the face of any challenge.

    Unrivaled Hybrid Digital Excellence

    Equipped with the nCore output stage, the CI 8-150 DSP shares lineage with NAD's prestigious Masters Series amplifiers. Its uniqueness lies in the unmatched detail and refinement it brings to the distribution amplifier arena. Impervious to load variations, it handles 4-ohm and 8-ohm loads effortlessly, showcasing a THD and noise floor surpassing conventional CI amplifiers. Its dynamic range and linearity belong not just to custom environments but also high-fidelity setups.

    Space-Efficient Reliability

    Understanding the installer's need for reliability, NAD bases its models on proven amplification platforms, ensuring unwavering and dependable performance. Recognizing the premium on rack space, NAD CI amplifiers occupy minimal room. Thermostatic fans draw in cool air and expel it through rear vents, negating the need for ventilation gaps.

    Enhanced Web UI and DSP Integration

    The CI 8-150 DSP boasts network readiness via the custom WebUI for swift setup of inputs, outputs, gain adjustments, stereo/mono configurations, channel bridging, and DSP profiles. The 5-band parametric EQ, high and low pass filters, and power on methods optimize audio in each zone. Complementing this, Eco mode reduces power consumption. Compatible control systems (Crestron, Control4, Elan, RTI, and URC) manage I/O switching and routing.

    Unmatched Synergy

    Fuse the CI 8-150 DSP with the CI 580 V2 4-zone BluOS rack mount streamer for a remarkable hi-res multi-room setup, or elevate your system with NAD stereo streamers like the C 658 for superior sonic performance. It's prowess extends to high-end custom theaters and pairs seamlessly with the T 778 AV receiver or M17 V2 AV processor. Its potential is limitless, revolutionizing CI amplification.

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