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Exclusively for Local Custom Installation - This product is tailored for a bespoke experience and is not available for direct purchase. Please note, it's offered exclusively for custom installation within our local service area

CI 16-60 DSP 16 Channel Amplifier By NAD is elevating the standard:

Continuing the legacy of excellence synonymous with NAD, the CI16-60 distribution amplifier embodies legendary high performance. With a commitment to reliability, stability, and a host of installer-centric features, this amplifier excels as a versatile and budget-friendly solution. Boasting Audiophile Performance, the CI16-60 delivers unparalleled audio quality across its 16 channels and 8 zones. This amplifier redefines the very essence of distributed audio systems, setting new benchmarks for excellence.

CI 16-60 DSP 16 Channel Amplifier NAD

  • Introducing the NAD CI 16-60 DSP, a versatile and budget-friendly solution for distributed audio systems without compromising on quality. Featuring 8 zones of the acclaimed Class D, Hybrid Digital amplification found in our Class Series NAD stereo products, alongside parametric EQ for precise zone tuning, it serves as an excellent starting point for centralized multi-room audio.

    Transparency in Power

    With NAD's Full Disclosure Power (FDP) benchmarks, the CI 16-60 DSP delivers exceptional sonic performance at an unparalleled price per zone. A robust 60 watts per channel at 8 ohms across all channels simultaneously ensures ample power, even when all zones are active in a multi-room setup. Bridging capabilities extend power to 140 watts per channel, offering versatile handling of scenarios while maintaining budget-consciousness.

    Hybrid Digital Excellence

    Leveraging a customized Hypex UcD output stage, this 16 channel amplifier guarantees load-invariant power with minimal distortion and noise floor. Every facet of this design has been meticulously executed to extract optimal performance. Crafted to meet the demands of custom installations, Hybrid Digital amplification's resilience makes it ideal for diverse installations, easily accommodating 4-ohm and 8-ohm loads, lengthy cable runs, and challenging speaker loads. Whether playing at modest or high volumes, NAD ensures a consistent, linear sound characterized by clarity, detail, and dynamics.

    Efficiency and Reliability in Rack Space

    Recognizing the paramount importance of reliability for professional installers, NAD bases its models on tried-and-true amplification platforms known for stable and reliable performance. Considering the preciousness of rack space, NAD CI amplifiers are designed to occupy minimal room. Thermostatic fans ensure efficient cooling by drawing in cool air from the front and expelling it through rear vents, negating the need for ventilation gaps between units.

    Web UI and DSP Integration

    Network readiness through the custom WebUI facilitates quick setup of inputs, outputs, gain adjustments, stereo/mono settings, and channel bridging. The 5-band Parametric EQ allows for the creation of DSP profiles, complemented by high and low pass filters for audio zone optimization. Power on methods, including an Eco mode, are available to suit preferences and power consumption concerns. I/O switching and routing can also be managed via compatible control systems, with drivers compatible with Crestron, Control4, Elan, RTI, and URC.

    System Synergy

    Pair the CI 16-60 DSP with the CI 580 V2 4-zone BluOS rack mount streamer or the Bluesound NODE for an exceptional hi-res multi-room package, showcasing both value and quality. As NAD continues to impress with its innovative designs, the CI 16-60 DSP strikes a harmonious balance between price, performance, and features, catering to both seasoned installers and critical listeners alike.

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