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C 389 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier By NAD: Timeless Audio Excellence

Embrace enduring audio brilliance with the NAD C 389 Hybrid-Digital DAC amplifier. A cornerstone for today and beyond, it anchors a high-performance audio setup. Marrying NAD's trusted Hybrid Digital UcD amplifier design with the esteemed ESS Sabre DAC, found in the acclaimed M33 BluOS streaming amplifier, it unfurls captivating dynamics and intricate nuances from all your sources.

Unleash Versatility

With an array of digital and analog inputs, including an ultra-low-noise phono stage and HDMI eARC interface, it accommodates your complete source lineup. Powered by NAD's Modular Design Construction, it embraces forward-thinking technology, ensuring effortless integration of future enhancements like BluOS high-res music streaming and Dirac Live room correction.

Elevating your audio journey, the NAD C 389 Hybrid Digital DAC amplifier becomes the nexus of timeless audio magnificence.

C 389 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier NAD

  • NAD C 389 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier: Unleashing Power and Performance

    The NAD C 389 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier embodies over 50 years of NAD's legacy in delivering outstanding performance and value. Its prowess lies in a customized version of NAD's efficient Hybrid Digital UcD design, featuring multiple UcD amplifier modules in a balanced bridged configuration. Supported by an innovative switch-mode power supply, it effortlessly furnishes a commanding 130W per channel consistently, with virtually undetectable distortion and noise across the audioband. For transients, it can surge up to 350W per channel of instantaneous power, ensuring a fluid reproduction of musical dynamics.

    Embark on Audio Brilliance

    The C 389's digital section showcases the same 32-bit/384kHz ESS Technology Sabre DAC chip found in NAD's acclaimed Masters M33 amplifier. Revered for its broad dynamic range, exceptionally low noise and distortion, and minimal clock jitter, the ESS Sabre 9028 DAC enables the C 389 to deliver astonishing clarity and almost three-dimensional imaging across all sources.


    Introducing the MDC2 technology, the C 389 boasts two MDC2 expansion slots for future enhancements. It is compatible with the MDC2 BluOS-D module, bringing BluOS high-res multi-room streaming and Dirac Live room correction to the forefront. By connecting to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, this module unlocks a world of music streaming possibilities. BluOS Controller app integration facilitates seamless music playback from various streaming services, while also offering MQA decoding, Apple AirPlay 2, and more.

    Seamless Integration

    It effortlessly accommodates your analog and digital source components. It features multiple optical and coaxial digital inputs, along with RCA line-level analog inputs, all backed by ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers for pristine sonic integrity. A precise MM phono section caters to vinyl enthusiasts, effectively suppressing infrasonic noise during playback.

    This amplifier also caters to movies and television with its HDMI eARC input, ensuring TV audio is delivered through your high-fidelity speakers. Dual subwoofer outputs enable seamless integration of subwoofers for an immersive audio experience. Furthermore, the dedicated headphone amplifier, two-way wireless Bluetooth with aptX-HD codec support, and wireless playback capabilities enhance private listening.

    Timelessly Evolving

    Rooted in decades of amplifier innovation, the NAD C 389 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier is a testament to audiophile-class performance, versatile connectivity, unparalleled upgradability, and lasting value. The marriage of precise volume control, ultra-low-noise circuitry, and cutting-edge amplifier design endows it with the ability to deliver refined sound at any volume level. With NAD's MDC2 technology, it opens the doors to multi-room music streaming and automatic room correction, reaffirming the NAD legend for generations to come.